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Objectives and Areas of Activity

The centre aims to provide research and expert support for the development and deployment of mechanisms designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of public service.

The key lines of centre activity involve researching and working out proposals to enhance:

  • HR technologies in public service
  • approaches to optimising the structure of public service spending
  • systems used in planning the activity of structural units of government agencies and public servants
  • management-by-objectives and project principles used in organising the activity of public servants
  • management-by-results technologies in public service
  • performance indicators for public servants
  • public servant performance evaluation systems
  • contracting and regulation of public servant activity
  • optimisation of the number of public servants
  • remuneration systems and structure of emoluments, allowances and salaries of public servants
  • systems of financial and non-financial incentives and remuneration based on performance in public service
  • mechanisms of countering corruption in public service
  • norms of professional ethics for public servants
  • systems of professional competence for public service
  • mechanisms of competitive selection, certification and qualifying examinations for public servants
  • mechanisms of forming and maintaining an HR pool by government agencies
  • system of government-contracted training of public servants
  • educational standards in the field of public and municipal administration, professional training and retraining programmes for public servants
  • professional development courses for public servants


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