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Regular version of the site
Regulatory policy in Russia: key trends and architecture of the future

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Regulatory Policy in Russia—Smart Suggestions, But Poor Implementation

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Book chapter
Performance-Based Budgeting in Russia

Klimenko A.

In bk.: Performance-Based Budgeting in the Public Sector. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. P. 161-176.

Working paper
Public Service Motivation as a Predictor of Altruism, Dishonesty, and Corruption

Gans-Morse J., Kalgin A., Klimenko A. et al.

Working Paper Series . WP-19-16. Northwestern Institute for Policy Research, 2019

About us

The Institute for Public Administration and Governance (IPAG) of the Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE NRU) specialises in research, developing and implementing applied solutions in the field of public and municipal administration in the Russian Federation.
The institute was formed in 2003 as a unit of the Higher School of Economics National Research University.
IPAG draws on the expertise of about 50 full-time staff members.

Objectives of the institute

  • Develop the Russian school of public administration
  • Form a competence centre and provide a forum for discussing modernisation efforts in the field of public administration and municipal management
  • Provide expert support for the authorities in matters of public administration modernisation
  • Conduct research and practical work in the field of public administration and management of organisation
Key areasTypes of work
  • Administrative reform
  • Management by results
  • E-government
  • Reform of the public service
  • Public-private partnership
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Expert support for the authorities
  • Research projects
  • Applied projects and advisory services
  • Conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions
  • Tutorial publications

Current subjects

  • Improvement of the strategic planning and project management system, and results-oriented budgeting mechanisms
  • Development of new approachess and optimisation of the public administration system, including monitoring and supervision. Assessing regulatory impacts and managing costs and regulatory risks
  • Optimisation of the functions of executive bodies, administrative and governance processes, including the prospects of ICT and big data introduction
  • Monitoring and quality assessment of public service provision
  • Development of a system of public administration in the information society, e-governance (task-setting for IT companies, draft regulatory enactments and organisational modelling)
  • An effective civil-service contract, including systems for assessing performance, with incentives, methods for substantiating recruitment needs in the public sector and issues pertaining to public service organisation
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Interaction between executive authority and civil society and development of open governance institutions