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Institute for Public Administration and Governance

State and Political Discourse in Russia

Kramer M., Barabashev Alexey, Barbashin A. et al.

Rome: Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations, 2017.

Russian Governance Changes and Performance

Andrey V. Klimenko, Alexey G. Barabashev.

Chinese Political Science Review. 2017. No. 2. P. 22-39.

Book chapter
Open Government Data Policy and Governance: Applicability of Ecosystem Approach. Comparative Cross-country Analysis

Styrin E. M.

In bk.: dg.o '17: Proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. NY: ACM, 2017. P. 610-611.

Working paper
Could the Bank of Russia Implement Strategic Indicators to Improve its Effectiveness?

Larionov A.

Public and Social Policy. WP BRP Series. НИУ ВШЭ, 2017. No. WP BRP 10/PSP/2017.

A punishing robustness: the nature of an administrative tribunal

The Centre for Strategic Developments is proposing a decisive regulatory reform, in line with the working materials of the Country Development Strategy 2018–2024, discussed at the CSD on 8 June. One of the ideas is to create an administrative tribunal of 7–9 people, which will do away with so-called “sticking points in the law”, meaning omissions in enactments, superfluous and contradictory norms. There is currently no effective means for their repeal, but such a tribunal would give impetus to deregulation in 3–4 years, the CSD believes. 
An article in the Kommersant newspaper contains the opinions of Director of the NRU HSE IPAG RIA centre Daniil Tsygankov and other experts.

Factors, hampering development of municipal-private partnership

A session of the State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations was held on 23 May on Key Factors, Hampering Development of Municipal-Private Partnership. What Needs to be Changed in Legislation?
Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance, NRU HSE and permanent representative of the UNECE PPP group Vladimir Korolev was involved as an invited expert in the event.

International Research Centre for Technical Regulation, Standardisation and Metrology formed as part of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance, NRU HSE

The Centre will become an authoritative and independent platform for the development and introduction of uniform approaches and programmes for training and evaluating the competency of specialists in technical regulation, standardisation and metrology and in research activity.

There is considerable public demand for primary data in health care, education, culture and social services

On 28 April the Russian White House hosted an awards ceremony for winners of the Second All-Russian Competition Open Data Russia. Many interesting projects were presented at the competition, both in out-of-the-box software solutions based on open data and in research and analytics.

“In the competition of nations, it is not technologies that will win but new administration models”

Reform of public administration and digital transformation of government were the main subjects of the expert discussion, titled Public Administration:Problems and Solutions. Leadership in streamlined production economics and competition for human capital are the two objectives the reform authors are setting themselves.

Public regulation and the shadow economy in Russian regions

Director of the Department for Public Administration and Governance of NRU HSE Andrey Klimenko took part in a meeting of the Council under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Volga Federal Region, held in Orenburg on 28 March.

The Ulyanovsk Regional Development Strategy until 2030 becomes one of the first strategic planning documents in Russia

This was announced by specialists at a forum, devoted to implementation of the Strategy. The event was summarised at a plenary session on 22 March. Alexander Epstein, a candidate of geography, spoke on behalf of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance of NRU HSE, positively appraising implementation of the regional Strategy-2030.

Prototype technopark for Archangelsk Region to start operating in a building of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University

A roundtable discussion was held at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, devoted to creating a technology park in Archangelsk Region. Representatives of the regional government, the business community and staff from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University and NRU HSE attended the event.

Project to develop Chernogolovka science city discussed at public hearings

The Higher School of Economics, represented by Deputy Director of the HSE Institute for Public Administration and Governance Konstantin Golovshchinskiy, elaborated and presented the project titled Socio-economic Development Strategy for Russian Science City Chernogolovka Until 2026 at public hearings that took place on 16 January in Chernogolovka.

Trying to create good from evil

Will the field of politics always be a minefield for human morality?
Professor Alexander Obolonskiy, Doctor or Law from the Public and Municipal Service Department of Public and Municipal Management at NRU HSE answers the questions of Editor-in-Chief of the NG-Scenarios supplement of Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper Yuri Solomonov

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