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About us

The Institute for Public Administration and Governance (IPAG) of the Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE NRU) specialises in developing and implementing applied solutions in the field of public and municipal administration in the Russian Federation.
The institute was formed in 2003 as a unit of the Higher School of Economics National Research University.
IPAG draws on the expertise of about 50 full-time staff members and some 120 part-time specialists enlisted annually in its research.

Objectives of the institute

  • Develop the Russian school of public administration
  • Form a competence centre and provide a forum for discussing modernisation efforts in the field of public administration and municipal management
  • Provide expert support for the authorities in matters of public administration modernisation
  • Conduct research and practical work in the field of public administration and management of organisation.
Key areasEfforts pursued
  • Administrative reform
  • Management by results
  • E-government
  • Reform of the public service
  • Public-private partnership
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Expert support for the authorities
  • Research projects
  • Applied projects and advisory services
  • Conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions
  • Tutorial publications

Current activities

  • Arranginga strategic planning system based on the Key Lines of Activity of the Russian Government, including with the use of automated information systems.
  • Streamlining administrative and management processes of executive authorities and organisations, drawing up administrative reform plans.
  • Monitoring public services and evaluating their quality (including as part of incentive measures).
  • Assessing regulatory impacts and managing regulatory risks.
  • E-government (setting tasks for IT companies, drafting regulations and organisational modelling).
  • Implementing the mechanism of government target setting(as part of efforts to develop the technologies of budgeting by results, including at individual departments and organisations).
  • 'Public servant contracting system' (including as part of the Public Service Development and Reform Programme).
  • Monitoring the exercise of delegated authority and evaluating performance (with a focus on individual powers and regions).
  • Public-private partnership, development institutes.
  • Professional development of public and municipal servants.

Expert analysis support for the authorities

More than 20% of institute efforts involve expert analysis support for HSE NRU involvement in the work of executive authorities.
IPAG experts are active contributors to coordination and consultative agencies of the Russian Government, such as:

  • Administrative reform committee of the government
  • Working group on standardisation and regulation of national and local authorities
  • Working group on creating an e-government in Russia
  • Government committee on improving the effectiveness of budget spending
  • Working group on improving the performance of federal executive authorities
  • Interdisciplinary working group at the Russian Presidential Administration tasked with supporting public service reform and development activities

Extensive analytical efforts are also underway within the framework of sector-specific consulting agencies serving a whole range of federal departments and regional administrations.

Areas of cooperation with federal executive authorities

  • Regulatory and procedural support for activities as part of the administrative reform, public service reform and the Electronic Russia federal targeted programme.
  • Drafting and arranging the discussion and expert review of administrative regulations and monitoring their implementation.
  • Setting the objectives of embracing information technology in the regulated activities of the authorities.
  • Developing concepts for the introduction of information technology into the regulatory activity pursued by executive authorities.
  • Developing tools for planning, budgeting and management by results (such projects as Key Lines of Activity of the Russian Government, Report on the Results and Key Lines of Activity, department-specific targeted programmes and so forth).
  • Developing methods and tools for assessing regulatory impact (at federal and regional levels).
  • Methodological and regulatory support for the introduction of government target setting mechanisms.
  • Evaluating the performance of public servants, working out special remuneration plans, drawing up job descriptions on the basis of administrative regulations.
  • Forming a pool of human resources, certifying public servants, arranging qualifying examinations and competitive selection.
  • Professional development in matters of administrative and budget reforms, public service and e-government.

We carry out more than 40% of our projects are implemented in the interests of the Russian regions.


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