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Regulatory policy in Russia: key trends and architecture of the future

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Transformation of the Legal Mechanism of Taxation Under the Influence of Digitalization: Russian Case Study
In press

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Book chapter
Use of the Internet of Things in Public Governance for Law Enforcement and Inspection: The Case of Russia

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In bk.: Beyond Smart and Connected Governments Sensors and the Internet of Things in the Public Sector. Springer, 2020. Ch. 7. P. 139-164.

Working paper
Public Service Motivation And Sectoral Employment In Russia: New Perspectives On The Attraction Vs. Socialization Debate

Gans-Morse J., Kalgin A., Klimenko A. et al.

Public and Social Policy. WP BRP Series. НИУ ВШЭ, 2020

Strategies and programmes – News

Social Support Concept for the Population Developed in Yakutia

A Concept for Improving State Social Support for the Public in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is called on to improve the living conditions of individual categories of citizens and families with children in Yakutia. A strategic document on social support for the republic’s population was elaborated by the Centre for Regional Programmes to Enhance Public and Municipal Administration at IPAMM NRU HSE, together with the State Innovation Policy and Science Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

How to provide “New Moscow” with highly qualified work places

With the joining of new territories to Moscow (“New Moscow”), adjustments are needed to the general plan for development of the capital until 2025. On 5 November, HSE hosted the second workshop in the cycle of “New Moscow in the context of agglomeration: priorities and prospects of development”, which involved the participation of experts from the State Unitary Enterprise – Research and Project Institute for the General Plan of the City of Moscow. 

Yaroslav Kuzminov addresses meeting of the State Council for Budget Expenditure

On 4 October a meeting was held of the State Council, chaired by Vladimir Putin, devoted to enhancing the effectiveness of budget expenditure. Rector of the NRU HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov addressed the meeting with a speech.

NRU HSE experts at the Open Government of the Penza Region

On Thursday 8 August 2013, the conference Open Government of Penza Region and Higher School of Economics was held at the Penza Region Government, chaired by Governor Vasily BOCHKAREV. The Higher School of Economics was represented at the economic forum by Vice Rector and Director of the Institute of Public and Municipal Management Andrei KLIMENKO and heads of the research divisions of NRU HSE: Director of the Research Centre of IPAMM Konstantin GOLOVSHCHINSKY, Director of the Institute of Economics of Energy and Utilities Viktor KOLESNIK, Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Resources Management Leonid BOGDANOV and head of the department of the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge Mikhail GOLAND.

A large-scale Moscow with large-scale contradictions

On 17 May the Higher School of Economics held its first joint workshop – the HSE and Research and Design Institute for the General Plan of Moscow: A New Moscow in the Context of Conurbation: Priorities and Development Prospects.

A strategy is under development for the socioeconomic development of the Tula Region until 2030

On 23 April, a coordination meeting of the Government of the Tula Region was held, chaired by Governor Vladimir GRUZDEV, where the draft strategy for socioeconomic development of the region until 2030 was presented. The document proposes a radical change to the development vector of the Tula Region through the formation of the Tula agglomeration, budget manoeuvring and the implementation of an active cluster policy. A group of developers from NRU HSE was invited to the meeting, headed by Vice Rector of the Higher School of Economics Andrey KLIMENKO.

Socioeconomic Development Strategy for the Tula Region Focuses on Improving the Quality of Life of its People

On 29 March the regional government hosted a joint meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Tula Region and the Council for elaboration of the Tula Region Development Strategy. Participants in the event considered issues connected with formation of the Socioeconomic Development Strategy for the Tula Region until 2030 and also the Development Concept for industrial sectors of the region. The draft Strategy, tabled for discussion, was elaborated by the National Research University – Higher School of Economics.

Development strategy for Moscow and the city's budget policy

IPAMM Director Andrey KLIMENKO took part in the Moscow Urban Forum, held 4-5 December in the capital. During the session Effective Budget Policy, items were considered pertaining to the strategic management of the budget. The following speakers featured during the session: Maxim RESHETNIKOV (Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Urban Development of Moscow), Richard DALEY (former Mayor of Chicago, USA), Alexander LUKIN (member of the Board of Directors of Glavstroy] and Tatiana GREKHOVA (Deputy of the VMO Presnenskoe municipal assembly).

NRU HSE Vice Rector's assistant Nikolai Loktev takes part in a meeting of developers of the Intergovernmental Programme for Innovative Collaboration between Member States of the CIS in Minsk

The Coordination and Technical Centre (NRU HSE) and other management bodies of the Intergovernmental Programme for Innovative Collaboration between Member States of the CIS have offered solutions to the problems that hamper the successful launch and implementation of the programme.

NRU HSE delegation at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre

As part of the research conducted by NRU HSE into the economic and organisational aspects of space activities, a meeting was held in Star City between Vice Rector Andrei KLIMENKO and a group of experts with the head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation, cosmonaut Sergey KRIKALEV and his deputies.