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Tag "expertise"

Illustration for news: Discussing Administrative Reforms in the BRICS: HSE University Hosted International Symposium

Discussing Administrative Reforms in the BRICS: HSE University Hosted International Symposium

On 20-21 October 2022 School of Politics and Governance at HSE University hosted the Fifth International Symposium on Development and Governance in the BRICS.It gathered the speakers from ten countries, who discussed the public administration reforms in general, and such their aspects as tackling the consequences of COVID-19 pandemics, international project management, risk management and digitalization.

Illustration for news: HSE Advocates for Environmental Transparency

HSE Advocates for Environmental Transparency

More than 40% of Russian citizens consider changing their place of residence due to environmental problems. This was a statistic cited by Lyaila Sinyatullina, Head of the Department of Advanced Studies at HSE University’s Institute for Public Administration and Governance, at a roundtable dedicated to an environmental information bill that will be reviewed by the Russian State Duma.

Illustration for news: HSE specialists record a rise in uncompetitive state procurement contracts

HSE specialists record a rise in uncompetitive state procurement contracts

According to the calculation of HSE specialists, the share of uncompetitive state procurement contracts stood at more than 63.7% in the first half of 2019. The Russian Finance Ministry asserts that the number of such procurement arrangements is falling, but HSE has included initially competitive but unsuccessful tenders in its calculation.

Illustration for news: Throwing open the single window: multifunctional centres will now accept police statements

Throwing open the single window: multifunctional centres will now accept police statements

According to the presentation of a draft reform, prepared for the Government by the Ministry for Economic Development, it will be possible to register marriages, submit police statements and file court cases at multifunctional centres. It is being generally planned to pass to multifunctional centres all the powers of public authorities when it comes to interacting with the public and businesses. The reform assumes that reception areas in public institutions will be completely removed and the special institution of an authorised agent for applicants’ rights will be formed under the auspices of the multifunctional centres. Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance at NRU HSE Konstantin Golovshchinskiy is confident that, with the handover of the receipt and handling of such matters to the multifunctional centres, the authorities will have to approach their work with the general public in a more responsible manner. See the Izvestiya article for details and expert opinion.

Property registration procedure in the Russian Federation: which aspects of leading-edge foreign experience in registering immovable property rights can be used in Russia?

A project has been completed at IPAG NRU HSE to perform the following research: Analysis of the system for cadastral information and registration of title in the Russian Federation and proposals for its improvement, including using analysis of international best practice. Following analysis of the system for state registration of title and cadastre in the Russian Federation and international best practice, proposals have been drawn up for improving legal regulation to enhance Russia's standing in the Doing Business rating under Property Registration.

There is considerable public demand for primary data in health care, education, culture and social services

On 28 April the Russian White House hosted an awards ceremony for winners of the Second All-Russian Competition Open Data Russia. Many interesting projects were presented at the competition, both in out-of-the-box software solutions based on open data and in research and analytics.

HSE offers its own concept for technopark creation in Archangelsk Region

The Higher School of Economics has offered its own concept for technopark creation in Archangelsk Region. Experts believe that the creation of a state-run technopark, which could have recourse to federal support, would have the greatest chances of success in the region. The more diverse the industry specialisation of the participants, the more interesting the projects that may be generated. What is more, believe the developers of the concept, the future technopark should have the Arctic as its main focal point. Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the Archangelsk Region Alexey BUSIN spoke with BC about development of the project.

Work should begin on creation of a technopark in Archangelsk Region without waiting for federal funds to arrive

This is the opinion of Ilya Akishin, project manager at IPAG NRU HSE. He visited Archangelsk as part of a delegation of HSE representatives late last week, under a contract for development of the Concept for Technopark Creation in Archangelsk Region. Upon completion of the project, Ilya Akishin answered questions from the correspondent of the press office of the Archangelsk Region Development Corporation.

HSE experts assess regional procurement

“A lack of regulation in public procurement and a lack of consistency in application of legislative norms on the contract system make the public procurement process opaque”, is the finding of a report by the Russian Finance Ministry on the key aspects for enhancing effectiveness of budget resources in Russian constituent entities. Experts from the Regional Programmes Centre of IPAG NRU HSE have played an active role in studies, analysing the materials submitted by regional authorities on enhancing the effectiveness of public procurement and sending the corresponding section of the report to the Finance Ministry.

Illustration for news: RIA of draft EEC decisions

RIA of draft EEC decisions

On 16 December Director of the RIA Centre, IPAMM NRU HSE and independent expert of the Consultative Committee for Entrepreneurship under the EEU Supervisory Panel Daniil Tsygankov addressed the round table titled “Regulatory Impact Assessment as an Integral Element of Dialogue Between Government and Business in the Eurasian Economic Commission”, held at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This event was organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Moscow International Business Association (MIBAS) and the Eurasian Economic Commission, to sum up the results of the first year's use of RIA mechanisms in the EEC.