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Regulatory policy in Russia: key trends and architecture of the future

Golodnikova A., Yefremov A., Sobol D. et al.

M.: Center for Strategic Research, 2018.

Transformation of the Legal Mechanism of Taxation Under the Influence of Digitalization: Russian Case Study
In press

Tsindeliani I. A., Anisina K. T., Davydova M. A. et al.

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Book chapter
Use of the Internet of Things in Public Governance for Law Enforcement and Inspection: The Case of Russia

Knutov A., Styrin E. M.

In bk.: Beyond Smart and Connected Governments Sensors and the Internet of Things in the Public Sector. Springer, 2020. Ch. 7. P. 139-164.

Working paper
Public Service Motivation And Sectoral Employment In Russia: New Perspectives On The Attraction Vs. Socialization Debate

Gans-Morse J., Kalgin A., Klimenko A. et al.

Public and Social Policy. WP BRP Series. НИУ ВШЭ, 2020


RIA of draft EEC decisions

RIA of draft EEC decisions
On 16 December Director of the RIA Centre, IPAMM NRU HSE and independent expert of the Consultative Committee for Entrepreneurship under the EEU Supervisory Panel Daniil Tsygankov addressed the round table titled “Regulatory Impact Assessment as an Integral Element of Dialogue Between Government and Business in the Eurasian Economic Commission”, held at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This event was organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Moscow International Business Association (MIBAS) and the Eurasian Economic Commission, to sum up the results of the first year's use of RIA mechanisms in the EEC.

Cycle of workshops of the study group “Performance Management 2.0”: speech by Olga Molyarenko

On 15 December a workshop of the study group “Performance Management 2.0” was held on the subject: “Establishment of a system for statistics agencies in Russia and unofficial standards in the system of public and municipal management”. Olga Molyarenko, teacher at the Local Government Department of Public and Municipal Management, NRU HSE presented her report to the workshop.

Conference in Budapest

On 15-16 October the international conference Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Public Services was held in Budapest, organised by the National University of Public Service (Hungary) and the University of Edinburgh (UK). Participants includes leading scholars in the introduction of innovation into public management, such as Stephen Osborne and R. Carmen.

On 19-20 October, St Petersburg hosts XIV All-Russian Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: The Space for Choice and Choice of Space"

For over ten years the All-Russian Forum “Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: The Space for Choice and Choice of Space” has been a popular platform for discussing planning and strategy issues pertaining to development of Russia's regions and cities. Andrey Klimenko, Director of the Institute for Public and Municipal Management of the NRU HSE spoke at two roundtable discussions during the forum, devoted to elaboration of the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation up to 2030 and implementation of the Law “On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation”.

ONF experts discuss with regional media how journalists can counter financial pressure from local authorities

Experts from the ONF Centre for Legal Support of Journalists held a webinar, in which more than one hundred representatives of the regional and municipal media took part. Questions were addressed on legislative regulation of participation in bidding related to information coverage of the activity of authorities and real-life examples were used to explain how to counter the attempts of officials to use financial levers to apply pressure on the media. The experts noted that consideration of such complains would become one of the key areas of activity for the Centre.

HSE students win open data hackathon

The Russian Government Analytical Centre has completed a hackathon of the Open Data Portal of the Russian Federation, Data.gov.ru Hackathon #2. Students from the Higher School of Economics won prize in a number of nominations.

Yaroslavl Region will see the introduction of a technique to enhance the performance of administrations

For two years, experts from the Institute of Public and Municipal Management, NRU HSE and the Regional Development Department of Yaroslavl Region have been working on enhancing the performance of municipal administrations. Intermediate results were considered on 25 September at a meeting with heads of local authorities, hosted by Deputy Governor Yuri Boiko.

Technoparks in garages

In line with tradition, the Department for Local Administration held the latest field summer school, which on this occasion was devoted to studying specific forms of public economic activity in the towns of Dubna, Kimry, Konakovo and Taldom. The subjects of the study were the phenomena of “garage economy” and “distributed manufacturing”.

Workshop held in Lipetsk, devoted to strategic planning

On 7 October, staff from the Institute of Public Administration and Municipal Management (A. Klimenko, N. Klishch and I. Stepanov) and from the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (M. Goland) took part in the workshop “Strategic Directions in Socio-economic Development of Lipetsk Region. New Approaches and Mechanisms to Determine Points of Economic Growth”.

HSE: transferring municipal transport to natural gas will save the regions more than RUB 33 billion

According to research by the Higher School of Economics, by 2020 regional budgets will save more than RUB 33 billion on transport costs. This is provided that the regions fully implement the Government directive that obligates the transfer of up to 50% of municipal transport in major cities to gas engine fuel by 2020.