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"Public Procurement: a Fresh Start"

Between 14 and 16 February the 10th economic forum was held in Krasnoyarsk, which brought together more than 3,000 people from 16 countries and 57 Russian regions. The plenary session and the work of two discussion platforms involved Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev, two deputy prime ministers of federal government, seven ministers, 12 heads of Russian regions, heads of leading companies and respected experts from Russia and abroad.
On 16 February, as part of the final day of the 10th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, a roundtable was held, entitled ‘Public Procurement: a Fresh Start’. First Vice-principal of the Higher School of Economics Alexander SHAMRIN was the moderator of the discussion platform.

Open data: new opportunities and new problems

On 16 February the NRU HSE hosted a meeting on how to improve legislation as regards access to public information. The meeting was attended by Russian Minister for Open Government Mikhail ABYZOV and discussion moderators were Director of IPAMM’s Centre for Analysis of the Operations of Executive Authorities Andrei ZHULIN and IPAMM Director and HSE NRU Vice Rector Andrei KLIMENKO.

NRU HSE representative involved in fifth session of UNECE PPP group of specialists

On 5-6 February 2013 the Palace of Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) hosted a meeting of the fifth session of a group of specialists related to the public-private partnership of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which brings together more than 2,000 experts from all continents. IPAMM Deputy Director Vladimir KOROLEV addressed the session with the report PPP in Regional Development.

The Government To Disclose Data

The authorities are to make data linked with their operations available on the Internet by no later than 15 July 2013. This could create a market for private applications and services worth $200 million a year.
In late January a group of specialists from the 'Open Government' (including representatives of the Higher School of Economics, the Ministry of Economic Development and the company W3C) presented a draft concept for open data. The document was drawn up in fulfilment of a May 2012 presidential decree, according to which Internet users should have access to data, accumulated by government authorities. As a result, states the draft concept, the work of officials should become more transparent, while Russia could see the creation of a market for applications and services, using this information as its basis.

A roundtable on RIA is held at the Parliament Centre of the IPA CIS

On 13 December 2012, the Parliament Centre of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS member states hosted a roundtable entitled 'Specific steps to implement an effective procedure for regulatory impact assessment in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region'. Director of the RIA Centre of the Institute for Public Administration and Municipal Management of NRU HSE Daniil TSYGANKOV presented a keynote report 'Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Russian Regions - Implementation Options'.  

Four departments disclose dozens of databases for government data as part of a pilot project

'Government data, designed for disclosure, was gathered by a number of experts,' Andrei ZHULIN, NRU HSE Director for Expert Analytical Work, announced to Interfax. 'We knew that these data are collated by departments and have to be disclosed online, in accordance with various statutory requirements.'  

Development strategy for Moscow and the city's budget policy

IPAMM Director Andrey KLIMENKO took part in the Moscow Urban Forum, held 4-5 December in the capital. During the session Effective Budget Policy, items were considered pertaining to the strategic management of the budget. The following speakers featured during the session: Maxim RESHETNIKOV (Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Urban Development of Moscow), Richard DALEY (former Mayor of Chicago, USA), Alexander LUKIN (member of the Board of Directors of Glavstroy] and Tatiana GREKHOVA (Deputy of the VMO Presnenskoe municipal assembly).

NRU HSE Vice Rector's assistant Nikolai Loktev takes part in a meeting of developers of the Intergovernmental Programme for Innovative Collaboration between Member States of the CIS in Minsk

The Coordination and Technical Centre (NRU HSE) and other management bodies of the Intergovernmental Programme for Innovative Collaboration between Member States of the CIS have offered solutions to the problems that hamper the successful launch and implementation of the programme.

Experts from the Centre for Regional Programmes take part in the Information Society 2012: Achievements and Prospects forum

Experts from the Centre for Regional Programmes took part in the Information Society 2012: Achievements and Prospects forum, held on 4-5 October in Chelyabinsk.
The event was organised by the Ministry for Information Technology and Communication of the Chelyabinsk Region, to create an effective platform to exchange experience in implementation of federal and regional IT projects, collaboration of public structures and IT companies, to distribute the most successful practices in information society development, including the transfer of public and municipal services to electronic form.

'Persona grata': Aleksei Konov

Head of the civil service directorate of the Institute of Public and Municipal Management of NRU HSE Alexei Konov, a most welcome guest at the studio of Radio Russia, speaks about the declaration of income and expenses by civil servants.
Aleksei KONOV: There have been two substantial attempts to move civil servants to declare their expenses and income. The first was the reform of 1997-98, when two presidential decrees came into force on the procedure for submitting information on income, property and property-based obligations, plus a decree on the verification of this information. The second was the decrees, adopted in 2008-09; there were several decrees on the procedure for providing information and two decrees on verification. And now the third attempt is unfolding before our very eyes - additional reform, or post-reform. This attempt to adopt a law on control over expenses could at last, perhaps, balance the expenses and the income of civil servants, although in itself this is not very likely.